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Cancellations and Refunds

Production orders placed with a minimum 30 day lead time to delivery, can be canceled or modified within 5 business days of your order date.

Cancellations with orders involving same day shipping will require a restocking charge and return shipment reimbursement.

Orders involving a custom company logo, can not be cancelled once the graphics have been approved.

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances that should preclude your purchase from our policies, please contact us for consideration.


Timely Delivery: 
Unless affected by circumstance beyond our control, Carmen’s Creations provides a 100% money back guarantee on all shipments failing to meet the delivery deadlines confirmed at the time of your order.
Circumstances beyond our control include severe weather conditions inhibiting the freight carrier from a timely delivery, interruption to freight line due to man made challenges (IE: Gas shortages, labor strikes, re-routing shipments due to road conditions), incorrect delivery address provided at the time of order.

Manufacturer Defects:
Carmen’s Creations will replace any product within a shipment that does not meet the quality standard established by the sample approval process. Replacement units will be provided immediately to ensure order fulfillment.  We would like a sample of the defective units to study.  Please package a selection for pick up. We will take care of the return trip!

It is intended that the products will service one complete season.  Performance failures relating to stitching are guaranteed when care instructions are followed. .  Please return a sample of the defective units for our team to study and safeguard against future issues.

Care Instructions found on the labels:  Hand wash / Hang dry
Products can be Machine Wash on Warm and Line Dry.   

We do recommend Hand Wash/Hang Dry when ever possible, to keep the color and finish in the best condition.


Report Defective Product to:

Carmen Foster
[email protected]